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About Us

Curly Hair Specialist


  I have  been a stylist over 30  years and am passionate about what I do.  I have struggled with my own curls for much longer than that!  Here at Girlz with Curlz we cater to the curlz you love to hate.  We will help you learn to love your curlz again.  We use sulfate free, paraben free and silicone free products that are gentle to those unruly curlz and we get them under control.  We will teach you “How to” so that you love your curlz again. We will also give you a custom curly dry cut using the curl-by-curl cutting technique developed and taught at the curly hair academy in NYC.  Of course while we do specialize at  Girlz with Cirlz and for those of you without curlz  (but wish you had them), we also are here for you too.  Come see  us!  We look forward in meeting you and your curlz!😁

Helena Gameiro


First time at Girlz with Curlz


Your first appointment at Girlz with Curlz will include personalized coaching and instruction designed to teach you how to work with and manage your wavy or curly hair.

Next is a custom dry cut using the curl-by-curl cutting Technique developed and taught at the Deva Academy in NYC. 

The appointment concludes with more customized coaching on Cleansing , Conditioning, DevaCurl product application and drying techniques all specific for your Hair texture and curl type. 

Including Before and after pictures ❤️